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Welcome to my Brickowl store! If you are visiting, you're probably a LEGO fan as much as I am and I do hope you find all the pieces you are looking for.

I aim to give you the best experience possible by only selling parts in good condition for fair prices, providing  simultaneously safe packaging and fast delivery.




Most of the store's inventory comes from sealed or used sets in very good condition. I don't sell parts that have visible scratches, dents or discoloration.   I am very strict regarding the quality of the pieces I sell but if you still have any concern regarding their condition, please feel free to ask for photos before you order. 

I don't differentiate mold variations but if you are looking for a specific variant of a part, let me know and I might be able to help.




I aim to invoice every order within 1 or 2 days after it's placed (high chance it will be invoiced in 1 day or less). If there are any delays I will make sure to inform you. 




You can leave your order open for up to 5 days and payment should me made within the next 5 days after the invoice is sent. If you need more time, please let me know before you place the order. 

Payment is accepted via Paypal.




Orders are packed and shipped within **48 hours on business days, Monday to Friday**.

After the package is shipped, I am no longer responsible for damages that may be caused during shipment.
All items are shipped through the Portuguese National Post Services (CTT).




Please confirm that nothing is missing or incorrect about your order. I double check everything before the package is sealed but mistakes can happen. If that's the case, please message me through the Bricklowl Message System and I will answer you as soon as possible with a viable solution.


Thank you and happy building!